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Trip video: North Island 1000- ADV on Vancouver Island

Enjoy this video from the Youtube Channel OverPenAdventures. He writes : “Join me on a day trip on the North Central section of the North Island 1000. Ride along as we adventure through dense forest, majestic lakes, and scenic Valleys. This was a 1 day ride and it took a lot out of me in the summer heat. Plan for at least 2 days to complete the route, longer if you want to do side trips.” Thanks for sharing!

Trip report: UTV Adventure 2021

We came we conquered! The #northisland1000 was a huge hit! This 1000km Off-road journey around the north half of Vancouver island rates a 10 in Off-road adventures.
It took 5 days to complete the loop at a moderate pace, with trying to see and do as much as we could along the way, but honestly to take in and participate in everything that this trip has to offer I would say putting aside a 2 week time frame is more realistic.
So much beauty to take in. Crystal clear rivers and lakes everywhere, all different types of terrain and trail difficulty. Day trips off the main loop are available and of course lots of ocean views! Huge thanks to @atvbc , #midislandatv and #Cambellriveratv clubs for making this ride possible! GPS files were on point and the ride was laid out perfectly! This one is definitely on the list again for next year!
-Al McBeth


Trip Video: Motorcycle travel channel- North Island 1000!

Video created by Sterling. Thanks for sharing your Trip! 


Trip Video: North Island 1000 on Dual Sports!

Video created by the channel Kicknasstknames. They wrote: A 2021 Dual sport trip June 19th to June 25th. Part of the Island 1000. Just easy gravelers but watch out for logging!


Gravel biking the North Island is here!

There have been a lot of motivated individuals who have decided to ride the North Island 1000 route, or a new variation of it, this past summer (2021). We are excited to see that has taken an interest in the North Island circuit visiting the 11 communities, and have come up with the “Tree to Sea Route” which launched this past September 2021. 

The goal of the North Island 1000 route is to improve recreation and adventure tourism to the North Island, and at the same time foster good relationships between riders, cyclists, and recreationalists of all types. So excited to see everyone on the backroads soon! Stay safe and get outside!

Theo rides the North Island on his gravel bike!

Thanks for sharing your adventures, tips, and gear choices- especially love the tire choices.

First Group Ride: June 2020

Check out the video (above) for some highlights from our first ride of the North Island 1000 route. The weather was perfect and the company was even better. What better way to kick off the riding season than with a multiday tour of the scenic backroads of the North Island!


Check out Salty Beard Bikepacking, who rode the North Island on his BICYCLE, and documented his journey on a youtube vlog!


Thanks to Pierre, aka @runawayrider, who shared these awesome vlogs about his North Island 1000 experience. 

Here’s a recent tour of the North Island on DualSports, from SweetandStickyFilms

First Ride on the Books- Submitted Trip Report

Hello fellow riders,

Some notes from one who has, to those who have yet to….
DO IT !!!!
The roads are fine on anything from a 250 to a GSA.  They are well maintained and with the map from Campbell River Search and Rescue (see site for availability) and your GPS as a route planner and guide, you will be certain of your location at all times.  Fuel range minimum is 200 km.  Start each day with a full tank (12l) and even the heaviest wrist will be OK.  
Pack light –  these roads beg to be ridden hard.  I was on my 690 and the grin factor far exceeded the pucker factor.  Nice fast sweepers in the woods, long loose ascents to incredible views followed by slower lakeside riding to take in the scenery.  I rode standing for 3/4 of the trip. Any tire with open block tread is fine.  The knobbier the tire, the better as some sections have a surface mud skim on them. I ran with 22 lb. front and 20 in the rear on Moto-z’s.  Wear was negligible.  
Camp sites are abundant and easily accessed by a pursuit / camping vehicle to meet you at the end of each day if that is part of your plan.  Fresh drinking water from Mother Nature is everywhere.  
Prepare for rain and dust on the same day.  Seal everything in drysacks.  I wore my Arai full face with the clear shield in place.  I would go with goggles on hotter days. Enduro boots, knee pads, padded hip riding pants and a jacket with back, shoulder and elbow pads are a must.  I witnessed the ultimate low speed get off that would have been disastrous had it not been for these items.
Bring your Sena as communicating to your fellow riders about approaching logging trucks, road sinkholes, bears and other hazards is almost a necessity. 
Give yourself lots of time to do relatively few km’s.  You will want to stop every 1/2 hour or so to check out the views, walk through a cave system, explore a mine or jump in a hidden pool.  There are treasures everywhere to be found. 
I’ve been known to travel all over God’s green earth to find high speed, scenic and ‘No Rules’ roads.  Incredible to realize that they were always in my extended back yard.  ENJOY !!!
Mike H.