Explore Northern Vancouver Island on the back roads

The North island 1000

Experience Vancouver Island North as you never have before with the ultimate back roads adventure.

inaugural ride Postponed

inaugural ride Postponed

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, the inaugural ride has been postponed. We are hoping to set a new date, depending on how the pandemic situation unfolds. Please continue checking the website and our North Island 1000 Facebook Page for updates as we look into the possibility of setting a new date.

If you are interested in keeping up to date/ registering for the possible postponed ride, you can still send in a registration form to nisland1000@gmail.com. 

All ATV/ off-road vehicle participants in need of permits, please send your registration and accompanying documents to nisland1000permit@gmail.com.

Over long distances, large groups can become unmanageable and waiting for riders can be frustrating. As this ride is too long to be a ‘guided’ group ride, you are free to pace yourself as you are comfortable and we will use the buddy system for safety. 


  • Each day will have an itinerary with suggested stops, points of interest along the route and camping or accommodation at the end of the day’s ride. 

  • Within their groups, riders will have the flexibility to decide when and how long they want to stop at each destination and still be able to meet at the end of the day, if they choose. 

  • Pick your buddy(s) carefully to be sure they have similar goals for the trip. A team name will be assigned to each group. If you are coming solo, we can help you join a group.

  • All riders need to have a GPS with the route down-loaded, we will have the GPS route available for download by May 15th.
  • A Backroads Mapbook would also be helpful as backup.

Each rider should bring:

  • Enough fuel to go 200 km. 
  • Appropriate riding gear for wet weather
  • Camping gear, a tarp and the means to build a campfire. 
  • There are stores along the route, but every rider should carry food with them and the means to heat it up. 
  • There is plenty of good drinking water in the North Island but some may wish to use a filter.

Please ensure that your machine is up for the task with all maintenance done before you go.

  • Change oil/ differential oil.
  • Clean air filter.
  • Check tire pressure, pack tire inflator/ patch kit.
  • ATVs may want to add a throttle extender to help with thumb fatigue.
  • There will be a ‘ride protocol’ when we enter a town; 30 km/ hour on the roads marked on the permit. Keep in mind that this is the first ride of this type and we must set a good example.
  • There will be at least one chase truck with the ride in case of a break down
  • Most of the North Island where we are riding does not have cell service; FRS or VHF radios are a good option for comms in your group. 
  • Each group must carry at least one of the following:
    •  a SPOT, inReach or a satellite phone.

All ATV operators MUST scan and send the following documentation to be considered for the ride: 

  • Valid driver’s licence*, ATV registration, licence plate with Hwy crossing sticker, and proof of 3rd party liability insurance (ie Capri). 
  • *Without a valid driver’s licence, no permits will be issued.

Street- legal dualsport motorcycles do not need to send this documentation with their registration, however, they are still required to carry their licence and registration with them (as per the rules of the road).

About the route

On the Map

Over 1000km of back country gravel roads to be explored.

The Communities

The North Island 1000 route follows existing Forest Service roads and journeys through 11 Northern Vancouver Island communities.​

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Take on the adventure of a lifetime on the back roads of Vancouver Island.

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